Here at GetInstantFame, it happens very rarely that a buyer has to face problems while getting the services. But, if it happens, don’t need to be a concern, you are backed by our customer-friendly refund policy.

What to Do after dropping off services?

If you’re noticing any drop in the services, then your first step should be to respond to our support team. Your single email can resolve your problem instantly. You can also connect with our team through the live chat feature. Just Described the details of your issue and our team will do anything to resolve your issue. But if you’re still unhappy with the quality, we’re here to refund you as soon as possible.

Some Reasons You Won’t Get a Refund

As a result of any violation, 

Your content is removed or the account gets suspended by Instagram Authorities.

After any fraudulent attempt to open a dispute via PayPal.

You’ll Receive a Refund If Any technical issue from our end results in an interruption of delivery.

We’re in the business for years, and we treat every buyer in the friendliest environment.